Handicraft Instructions Milk Tooth Canister Chain

Decorates the Item That Keeps Childhood Memories Alive: Milk Tooth Canister Chain

Not only the tooth fairy will be amazed: A self-made milk tooth can chain decorates your wooden milk tooth canister in a special way – because you can not only use pretty motif beads to make it. The child's additionally attached name makes the milk tooth can chain an individual name gift for children.

Thanks to Schnullerkettenladen's wide range of craft material, you can wonderfully individualise these handicraft instructions: Of course, you can also use unprinted wooden canisters to protect other childhood memories. Or how about a wooden box for your offspring's first strand of hair? Protect all the little things that are important to you in a wonderful way.

A milk tooth can chain or a child's first hair can chain is quickly made. In about 10 minutes you are ready. Similarly fast is the making of a pacifier chain. Discover more of Schnullerkettenladen's crafting instructions for children's accessories. We wish you lots of inspiration and fun!

The handicraft material you need for making a milk tooth canister chain:

craft material for making milk tooth can chain

The small tools you need:

instructions milk tooth canister chain: scissorsscissors
instructions milk tooth canister chain: lighterlighter
instructions milk tooth canister chain: tweezerstweezers
large needlelarge needle, thin stick, skewer or the like

Handicraft Material for Milk Tooth Canister Chains:

Step 1: Experimenting With Beads

step-by-step instructions milk tooth can chain: arranging beads

Let your creativity run wild: play with your beads and create two bead strand designs. In our example, one bead strand shows the child's name and a second one includes a pretty motif bead.

It is recommended using a safety bead at each bead strand's end so that the knot can disappear into it.

Step 2: Tying the Cord Around the Milk Tooth Canister

step-by-step instructions milk tooth can chain: cord tied around milk tooth canister

Tie the cord tightly around the milk tooth can by making a double knot, so that the cord lies in the provided notch.

Step 3: Stringing the Beads

step-by-step instructions milk tooth can chain: strung beads

With a lighter, melt the cord end and press it with your fingers as flat as possible. Doing this makes stringing the beads easier. Now string the first bead strand, except for the safety bead.

Step 4: Finishing the Bead Strand

step-by-step instructions milk tooth can chain: finished bead strand

Make a simple knot behind the last bead. It should be as close as possible to the last bead. You can use a large needle, thin stick or skewer to help. Insert this tool into the loop of the still loose knot and push the knot very close to the bead.

Then string the safety bead with its larger opening pointing outward. Pull the safety bead with it smaller opening over the simple knot.

Now make a double knot as close as possible to the safety bead's larger opening. Carefully shorten the cord end with scissors. Fuse the double knot with the lighter and push or press it into the safety bead's larger opening by using tweezers.

Step 5: Making the Second Bead Strand

step-by-step instructions milk tooth can chain: finished milk tooth canister chain

This step is easy as you already know how to do it: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the second bead strand.

Ready! You are holding your personalised milk tooth can decorated with a beautiful milk tooth canister chain in your hands. May the canister protect your darling's milk teeth, thus, keep the associated memories alive.




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Important Notes for Using Milk Tooth Can Chains

Caution should always be exercised with memory gifts for children. Therefore, please observe the following notes regarding the use of your self-made milk tooth canister chain:

  • Give the milk tooth can chain only to older children who you can leave alone with it without hesitation.
  • Check the milk tooth can chain regularly to ensure that it is undamaged.
  • Clean the milk tooth canister chain carefully with a cloth. Strong detergents or disinfectants are not suitable for cleaning.

Advantages of Using a Milk Tooth Canister Chain

You have used these handicraft instructions to make your very own milk teeth can chain? Awesome! Schnullerkettenladen's wooden cans as such have many advantages: They are made of robust solid wood and have a screw cap. Thus they protect your little treasures very well. All edges are rounded. You can choose your favourites from different colours and prints.

However, the wooden can only become a real highlight with an attached self-made name chain. Thanks to a narrow notch below the canister's edge, you can easily attach a cord. Use it to string letter cubes and colourful wooden beads. This way you can create a nice gift for children or proud parents to remind them of the kid's childhood.

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