Cord for the creation of wonderful dummy chains


An self made dummy chain is an individual and heartfelt present that is a personal expression of happiness for the offspring. Let your imagination run wild and design something unique that doesn’t only look good but from a hygienic perspective is practical. No longer will a dummy with such a chain and wooden clip land on the floor or in dirt.

The basis for making such a chain is a cord. But the cord is not only the starting material for dummy chains. But also a grasping toy or other baby toys you can design with this. Schnullerkettenladen provides you with everything you might need for the next handicraft project. We offer you cords made of different materials as well as various colours for great results. Order now and get creative.

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Satin, polyester or rubber band? The suitable cord for your baby toy

In Schnullerkettenladen you have the option to purchase three types of cord and straps:

You decide which cord is best suited for your baby article. Are you for example looking to design a dummy chain with name and motif beads? Then a polyester cord will prove to be the best option. If you want something more sophisticated then a satin cord might be a more suitable choice. This is also a perfect choice for a dummy chain as the colour shimmers with smooth light depending on the light conditions. Furthermore, you can use these types of cord for making grasping toys.

If however you want to make a pushchair mobile or pushchair chain then you might want to opt for flexible rubber band. This will make the result not only visually appealing but will also entice pulling as well as grasping with the chain not being an issue thanks to the flexibility provided by the product. Craft material from cord to wood pearl

All cords as well as straps can be purchased in our online shop in three different lengths. Choose what you need and place it in the virtual shopping cart. From our handicraft instructions you can read what length you will need for individual products. All cords are colourfast, tear and saliva resistant. Furthermore, they correspond with DIN EN 71-3 and can be used without hesitation for making baby toys. In addition to the cord our online shop provides all accessories for making chains like for example wooden pearls, motif beads, alphabet cubes and of course dummy clips with ventilation holes.

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