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Make your own dummy chains

A dummy chain is an ideal baby gift as it makes sure that thanks to a fixation with dummy chain clip to baby clothes it won't get lost again. When made by you it will even turn into a personal jewellery item that highlights the joy felt for the offspring. With Schnullerkettenladen, you are able to get the necessary craft materials for dummy chains, grasping toys, key rings or pushchair chains. Comprising of:

Get all craft materials you need for your slider_next present project. Design with the help of craft materials your own dummy chain with name or a grasping toy with different form and motif beads. As a source of inspiration and support we provide a number of handicraft instructions in our shop.

slider_next to our comprehensive accessories the Schnullerkettenladen also provides a range of exclusive products that can't be found in shops. We also look forward to helping you if there are any questions or problems which could be more general relating to dummy chains, to craft materials or the standards DIN EN 12586 and DIN-EN 71-3. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can strike up a long-term cooperation.

We hope you have fun browsing through our online shop and lots of pleasure with the final product.

Made with love: make your own dummy chains

An exciting experience for the senses: Attention, DIY fans! Creating something with our own hands - that's what makes us happy! Making a dummy chain is an experience which allows our creativity to blossom. Pearl by pearl, a small work of art is created from our own imagination.

If you put your energy into it, making a dummy chain yourself can be sensual fun. For example, when choosing the material for a dummy chain with a name on it, we can easily put ourselves in the mind of the baby we're giving it to:

  • Does the child prefer soft pastel colours or happy bright colours?
  • Does it like cute and funny motif pearls or simple and elegant monochrome motif pearls, for example in a heart or star shape?
  • Will the little baby's hands brush over smooth wooden surfaces, stroke soft crochet pearls or crumple cuddly fabric stars?
  • Should the baby only hear the soft clacking of the wooden beads or the clear ringing of a bell?

The choice is yours: What will your personalised dummy chain be like? Playful or elegant? Eye-catching or modest? Trendy or idiosyncratic? The design of your homemade dummy chain can easily reflect the personality of the child you're giving it to or the preferences of the parents. Every child is unique - just like every homemade dummy chain.

The process of crafting your handmade dummy chain is a pleasure of the imagination. Handicrafts will make you look forward to the finished dummy chain with a name which will please parents and children alike: from the first time you lay out the materials you've chosen, to threading the beads and knotting the cord, to the final strength test.

Are you brimming with ideas for dummy chains? Have you caught the craft fever? Can't wait to create your own dummy chain? Then order online now from the Schnullerkettenladen - and soon you'll be able to fully devote yourself to tinkering and creating your dummy chain.

Always at hand: the dummy chain as an important baby accessory

The chic and practical everyday helper which keeps the dummy in place: the dummy chain! We've all been there: The baby is complaining or even crying because their beloved dummy is lying on the dirty floor. Being on the road with a dummy can be a challenge. Cleaning the dummy at home is easy and quick. But on the road it's usually more difficult. To avoid this unpleasant scenario, you need a dummy chain.

Thanks to the dummy chain clip the dummy chain keeps the dummy where it belongs: with the baby. This lets the child suck on the dummy whenever they want, according to their own needs, calming the baby and giving them a feeling of security. We humans have the suction reflex in our womb before birth. Even in the amniotic sac, unborn children suck their thumbs. Sucking has a very pragmatic, rational reason: it is used to feed while breastfeeding - and in modern times, also when bottle feeding. That's why a dummy which is suitable for the jaw is so beneficial and relaxing for the little ones.

So it's even nicer when there's a suitable dummy chain to go with the dummy. If it's handmade, it also decorates the child in a special way - because every homemade dummy chain is ultimately unique (unless it gets copied). A dummy chain made with love can not only be perfectly adapted to the dummy it's worn with. The combination of dummy chain and dummy is also a fashionable baby accessory.

Play with the colours, motifs and shapes of your DIY dummy chains – that way you can easily customise them. How about, for example, the following inspirations and ideas for dummy chains? If you add the child's name with wooden letter cubes, your dummy chain will be even more practical: Because a dummy chain with a name on won't get mixed up in playgroups, day care centres etc. So your dummy chain becomes a baby name chain.

So that this little piece of jewellery will still be a nice souvenir after you've used up the dummy, you can easily make a keychain from the pearls. Let your creativity run wild and rely on this charming and useful baby accessory. Everything you need to create your personalised dummy chain can be found in the Schnullerkettenladen. Buy now and get crafting!


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A loving birth gift: the dummy chain as a personalised baby gift

Make an individual dummy chain with names – and give a gift from the heart. We all appreciate it when the people who give us gifts think about us when choosing their gifts. Knowing that friends, relatives, colleagues or acquaintances have taken the time out especially for us to make an individual baby gift (from the idea, to the crafts, to packaging it and handing it over) - that's such a nice feeling!

If the selected birth gift not only suits us and convinces us with its quality and a beautiful design, but is also really practical – then we'll be simply delighted! All these advantages make the dummy chain the ideal gift for a birth: As a useful baby accessory it fits perfectly into the everyday world of new parents. A homemade dummy chain is a very personal and, on top of that, inexpensive baby gift. As a giver, you can invest your creative strength and your time into this personalised gift for the birth.

Your homemade dummy chain, pram chain or your hand-made gripping ring are real highlights, and not only as classic gifts for the baby shower. They can also be handmade as a small, inexpensive gift for baptisms, as a hospitality gift, hostess gift or small souvenir gift for your loved ones. Treat your loved ones or your valued customers to homemade gifts made from our high-quality material. We look forward to your order in the Schnullerkettenladen – and will be happy to supply you with the handicraft material your heart desires.


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